Location-1 : Sathram, Vandiperiyar, Kerala

A premium camping experience with the thrills of jungle camping on the borders of lush green PeriyarTiger Reserve complimented by the comfort and safety of a plantation resort.

Personalized attention and privacy assured to guests as booking is restricted to one per day!. Get close to nature spending a day in "Clean Premium Comfortable Tents" supported by 2 well-furnished standby rooms and washrooms.

The package includes light morning trek in the 30 acre plantation and nearby forest area. Jungle camping is never complete without a 4 wheel drive off-roading experience and campfire with delicious barbeque session. Come explore the nature and get back relaxed!.


* Camp fire * Bar be que dinner * Breakfast

* Lunch * Light day trekking

* Offroading experience on a 4 wheel drive vehicle.

Sleeping Arrangements

Clean Spacious Tents with Airbed, Sleeping Bags & Pillow

2 standby Rooms with Washrooms


Location-2 : Little flower farm, Vagamon, Idukki, Kerala

Outdoor Living can be experienced by booking into one of our tents perched on the upper slopes of our farm in Vagamon, Idukki, Kerala. Choose any of our various camping spots, each with great views. Privacy will be assured to guests as booking is restricted to one per day. Tents with floor mats along with sleeping bags and pillows will be provided to make your stay comfortable. The campsites have three common bathrooms.


Location: Vagamon, Idukki, Kerala

Distance from Cochin International Airport- 93kms

Distance from Kumarakom- 79kms

The rates mentioned below are per person per night of stay.

Package Rate INR 2000/-

The package Includes:

Accommodation & Breakfast

Access to Farm Spaces (Thattakam,Kalari,Parnasala)

A walk through our Farm & Botanical Trails

Urava - Take a dip in our fresh spring waters

Aruvi - Simply sit on a rock and dangle your feet in the crystal waters. There are clearly laid out trails that crisscross the entire farm which guest will have access to.

Extra Charges

BBQ, if required will be charged at INR 400/pax (min 5 pax)

Campfire, if required will be charged INR 2500/-

Breakfast (Included in package)

Puttu with Banana & Egg/Kadala curry

Bread with butter and homemade preserves

Lunch (INR 400/plate)

Rice with Vegetables

Dinner (INR 400/plate)

Kappa with Chilli dip

Chappathi/Rice with Chicken/Beef/Egg/Veg curry


This semi-outdoor wooden deck overlooks the valley and the opposite slopes are covered by Shola forests and montane grasslands. This is where your creative spirit will take wings and there are limitless things you can do here: practise your yoga, read a book, or get your paint brushes out. This is the perfect spot for stargazing on a clear night or birdwatching during the day.


This is the farm’s best kept secret. During the monsoon (June-Dec), water fills up in a pool created to hold what emerges from a spring above. Hold your breath here, for the sparkling clear water is bound to take your heart away.


Another monsoon treat is the stream that flows through the edge of the farm. Go ahead and take a dip or simply sit on a rock and dangle your feet in the crystal waters.

Botanical Trails

The farm supports an immense diversity of native and exotic plants numbering to several hundred species. There are pine groves, bamboos (over 2 dozen varieties), stretches of Zingibers, Aralias, Bromeliads on rock faces, Aroids and Heliconias, and the occasional wild orchid. Walkways are bordered by ferns and plants with ornate leaves.

A little adventure

Hiking trails are marked out within the property, all the way up to the cliff on the western end and descending to the stream past reed thickets and Shola trees. The neighbouring hills have hiking and biking opportunities too. Most paths are on a gradient, be prepared to burn some calories. You can also hike up to Kurisumala, Muruganmala, Thangalpara, Moonpara – for perfect Sunrise/Sunset views in the backdrop of the Western Ghats.

Things to Note

Weather in Vagamon is unpredictable, particularly in the monsoon months (June to Sept), with sudden downpours and lashing winds. But don’t be dissuaded, for this is the time of the year when everything around is lush and teeming with life. Just be prepared with your rain gear and comfortable footwear at all times. You are welcome to join the activities on the farm. We recommend you wear covered walking shoes when you are out in the farm. Stick to the trails and foot tracks.